SKOC Flute Workshop

Flute Frenzy! Mastering Techniques with the SKOC Orchestra

Calling all flutists! We recently hosted a jam-packed two-hour workshop with the fantastic SKOC Orchestra, and it was a blast! Here’s a peek at what we covered:

Warming Up with Moyse Long Tone Exercises: We kicked things off with a foundation of solid technique, focusing on beautiful tone development through the Moyse long tone exercises.

Taming Those High Notes: Undertone & Harmonics Techniques: Ever struggle with those tricky soft high notes? We explored undertone and harmonic techniques to help you conquer them with confidence!

Mastering the Rush: Quick Practice Techniques for Running Phrases: Feeling overwhelmed by fast passages? We learned some clever practice strategies to tackle running phrases efficiently, while maintaining the original tempo.

Alternate Fingerings: Your Secret Weapon: We delved into the world of alternate fingerings, equipping you with the knowledge to choose the best option for specific situations.

Vibrato Unveiled: A Beginner’s Guide: Embarking on your vibrato journey? We provided a simple and approachable introduction to vibrato practice for aspiring flutists.

A Big Thank You!
A huge shout out to the SKOC Orchestra for hosting this insightful workshop!** We also extend our gratitude to their resident flutists who participated in the Masterclass and shared their amazing solo pieces with us. It was a truly inspiring afternoon of learning and sharing our passion for the flute.

Stay tuned!
We’ll be announcing more exciting workshops and events soon. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to elevate your flute playing!


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