Kinta Valley Trombone Maintenance Workshop

Kane’s very first organized Workshop with his close friends of Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra in his hometown, Ipoh. 

One of the reasons this small workshop group was organized is to test and experience running a maintenance workshop, for what is to come in the coming years!

Repair Tools and maintenance accessories were well thought-out and catered during the workshop, and participants are able to purchase on the spot if deemed useful for self usage.

Started with disassembling all the rotary valves, slides and water key before proceeding to chemical washing. Placing them in designated containers to avoid parts accidentally going missing, especially tiny screws.

High speed blower was also provided for drying the interior of the brass instruments. Then, participants get to experience assembling back piece by piece with the guidance of an experienced technician.

Tying the rotary string takes skill and practice to achieve smooth action when engaged too, same as french horns. When the string is tied properly as how it should, the string will last longer, up to 10-20 years without tearing. 

After everything was completed, the musicians played-test their instruments, and it wasn’t a surprise to know that they were now more free-blowing and able to produce sound without enduring any resistance unconsciously. 


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